Ice Skating Dresses for Competition by Zhanna Kens

Ice Skating Dresses for Competition by Zhanna Kens

Women’s ice skating competitions require many elements for success. Being competitive means many hours of training and preparation. In women’s ice skating one essential, make or break, element is the costume!

Ice skating dresses are an important part of competition, even with couples skating. It is the woman’s dress that is judged more critically. While they may be a pair the woman’s ice dance costume is to draw the eye, the man’s costume to complement the women’s or to represent another character in a costume scheme. Either way it is the woman’s dress that everyone will be looking at. Not only the dress but how it fits and how the material lays. A poorly fitted dress can all but sink a competition while a cleverly designed custom ice dress, with a flattering design made with select materials can steal the show.

A proper custom made ice skating dress for competition needs to be designed and fitted properly. It should go without saying that the ice skating dress needs to be quality made. One of the easiest things for a competitor to do is to have their dress made professionally. Competitions require a professional ice skating dress.

There are many dress makers out there saying they make ice skating dresses and that would be true. But do they make ice skating dresses for real competitions? And more importantly have they ever made a skating dress for professional competitions?

Russian born Zhanna Kens is a professional designer that produces custom ice skating dresses. These are not only quality ice skating costumes but they are all original designs. You are not going to go out on the ice and see someone else with your design. There is only one place to get one of her designs and that is from her.

Zhanna Kens designs have not only been successful in ice skating. These designs have been worn in Miss America competitions as well as World Figure Skating championships–&index=4   and magazine appearances.

Having an ice skating dress of this quality is sure to make anyone’s dreams of winning that much closer to becoming a reality. What is different about buying an ice skating dress from her is that on this website is her telephone number and you may call to speak with her directly about any desires or concerns you may have. Zhanna understands the importance of having the proper dress design as well as proper fitting and quality.

It is rare to find a designer with the experience Zhanna has in the different fields of competition. You can spend hours on the internet looking for a real ice skating dress designer and not find one.

When you are competing in ice skating competition, have your ice skating dress made by a professional, have a Zhanna Kens custom ice skating dress, you’ll be skating in the best!

By Claudia Wind