Fashion Designer Zhanna Kens arrived on the design scene as a full force talent. Her designs are highly desired by fashionistas, dancers and skaters around the world. Zhanna is a successful artist and fashion designer. Her collections are casual and modern, yet classic. They withstand the times and ever changing fads. Her creations can be worn by every day women. Sometimes the reason we call dancewear costumes is because they allow the spirit to break through the physical body and what is expected. Great performers operate in their finest realm when anonymous, without recognition. They go home from the weekend of luxury and return to work looking for the next opportunity to free their spirit. Whatever your reason to perform and show your true spirits intent, Zhanna Kens’ designs are hand-crafted, custom-made, classy, and unique. You will never see anyone wearing the same dress as you. Every Single creation that is made is one of a kind and never repeated. Some clients want something that has already been created and through consultation with the designer you will realize exactly why you should see what you like and at the same time expect something very different. Something perfect for you and everything that makes you, YOU.

Born in Russia, Zhanna Kens had dreams of becoming a fashion designer at the age of five. Even at such a young age, her talents were evident when she began to design clothes for her dolls. As her experience grew, she decided to try her hand at making clothes for herself and her friends. After Zhanna moved from the small town of Magadan to Moscow, she realised her creative prowess had excelled beyond the every day seamstress. She worked on more extravagant items, from there, her career, and clientèle sky-rocketed. With her new-found recognition in the fashion industry, Zhanna Kens knew it was time to take her work to an international level. In 1994, she moved to the United States. Zhanna’s devotion to bringing her skills and talents were truly recognized when she started her own business. She realized that through her contacts and previous jobs that she could never create the beauty that she was born to create without going out on her own. Her unique and classic designs began to gain notoriety with design experts.

Many fashion insiders are seeking her out to design for them. Pageant contestants and professional ice skaters come to her for custom crafted outfits. Today, Zhanna uses stretch and drape fabrics, as well as chiffon and silk, to create her original designs. She uses Swarovski crystals, colourful beads, silk flowers, and hand-crafted appliqués to enhance the look and feel of all of her creations. Zhanna Kens is designing Couture custom-made Ballroom and Latin dance costumes, free-flowing and comfortable figure skating dresses for champions and original couture evening gowns that are tailored specifically to each client. For many years, Zhanna Kens has passionately created a style that is uniquely her own and the public loves it. Her awe-inspiring and elegantly hand-crafted designs will transform you into the belle of the ball. Every Single design that she creates is one of a kind. Contact her now to request your own exquisite, custom-made creation.

Fashion Designer and Costume Maker Zhanna Kens

zhannakens dress and Dancewear


  • 2015 Miss America Pageant for Miss Texas 2014 Monique Evans
  • 2014 Miss Texas Pageant for Monique Evans
  • 2013 Miss America Pageant for Miss LA & Miss NM
  • 2012 Miss America Pageant for Miss Louisiana
  • 2011 Miss Texas Pageant for Miss Dallas and Miss Teen Dallas
  • 2011 Tampa Winter Fashion Show Ball and Cars & Couture
  • 2009 winner of the Prestige Award and Favorite Designer at the Cleveland Dance Sport Championship
  • 2009 figure skating competition in Tokyo, Japan
  • 2009 World Figure Skating Championship in L.A. on NBC. Her clients came in 9th in the world
  • 2008 German figure skating competition
  • 2005 season of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” (essential part of the designing team)

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