The Things of Fairy Tales.

Ballroom Latin Dress by Zhanna Kens.

Some people see clothing as a bare necessity to go to work, school, or out with others. Some people go as far as to say, worrying about your clothing style is a waste of time, but then some people create whimsical wonders, fantastic fantasies, out of the fabric in front of them.

When an artist who is passionate about their craft is given the opportunity to weave their hands through remarkable fabrics, allowing their creative brilliance to shine through every stitch, a dress only seen in imaginations is brought to life.

How does it feel to wear the things of fairy tales? Mandaly Louis-Charles, a loyal customer of Zhanna’s, knows all too well of the dream escape euphoria that comes with her design.“I felt like a princess, it gave me confidence,” Mandaly exclaims, explaining her experience in a Zhanna Kens ballroom latin dress.

Mandaly is a nurse practitioner by day and intermediate bronze in ballroom dancing by night, she has been dancing for a little over a year and has been working with Zhanna since February. “I was transformed to this star, this diva and I felt ready to own it,” Mandaly says, excitingly.
For competitive dancers such as Mandaly, the art of dance is viewed as a romantic relationship with the judges where the heart matters, but you have to have beauty on the outside too.

When looking for ballroom dresses to complement Mandaly’s dances moves, she stumbled upon Zhanna Kens Fashion Designer Facebook page and was amazed by her unique style. When she received a chance to meet with Zhanna Kens and try on a custom dance dress she was blown away.“The first dress I tried was a Latin dress, it hugged my body in all the right places…it defined my body.”

Not only was Mandaly astonished by Zhanna’s creations but she came to admire her “down to earth nature” which made her feel Zhanna understood what she was looking for. Two art forms have collided together to create a story of the passionate. Zhanna Kens’ one of kind handwork has left customers such as Mandaly satisfied and promising to return for more creations.

Even during the interruptions of a pandemic, Zhanna was able to deliver and meet the demands of her loyal customers. Each person Zhanna works with is attracted to the fire in her spirit, driving her to design fashion we all thought could only be seen in our dreams. Who knows what design Zhanna Kens will create next but we do know it will be demanding our attention while withdrawing awes from our lips.

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By Kinou Louis-Charles