Ballroom dance gown “Regal Red” for Heather Peterson Wudstrack.

Ballroom Dance Gowns to dancers are like covers to books. They do not reveal the inner beauty but can intrigue your imagination.

As a fashion designer experienced in creating Ballroom Dance Gowns, I know how many different styles are out there.

The dresses I design have a style of elegance and are distinctive. This brought me to wonder how those who wear my creations see themselves in them, and why they choose my style over anyone else.

After creating “Regal Red” Ballroom gown for one of my client my curiosity led me to ask dance instructor Heather ‘Peterson’ Wudstrack from “Get Out & Dance” Ballroom dance studio from Weston, Wisconsin and how she would define her style any why she chose me as a designer for her next dress.

After I looked through the numerous photos of Heather competing at the “Snow Ball DanceSport Competition 2014” I could see the energy, passion and beauty.

*What does fashion in Ballroom dancing mean to you? I asked her…

“Fashion in Ballroom dancing means to me the fusion of creative design and functionality. I love it when someone dances by and I can’t take my eyes off of them because they are in a gorgeous dress that not only highlights their movements but makes them feel like a million bucks!”

* How would you define your personal style in ballroom dancing?

“My personal style in ballroom dancing is a cross between simplicity in elegance, and a dash of sassy. I love to have fun when I’m dancing with my students or with my partner.”

*How do you choose the designer of your dress?

I did a lot of research on designers before I decided on the designer of this dress. I have admired Zhanna Kens creations on the dance floor at events I’ve danced at in the past and loved the simple elegant lines of her other designs in her online gallery.

After talking with her and she got to know what I was looking for, I was sold! So incredibly friendly, creative and helpful I couldn’t be happier with my customer service and the dress I received. It was even better than the sketch!

*How important is the ballroom gown for your victory?

Different dresses have different feels to them, when I put on this dress “Regal Red” I feel confident, elegant, flirtatious and sassy. The elements of the dress help me bring this out in my dancing.

Testimonial from Heather.

It fits like a glove and I feel very secure in it. Ill see how it goes! I am so very very excited!!! It is even more stunning on than when I took it out to look at it. I love the rose detailing! You are so very creative and the workmanship is STUNNING. I felt like a million bucks when I had it on. I cannot express how much this means to me. Thank you soooo much!!!!

I love to create for those who are as passionate about what they love as I do!

Zhanna Kens