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Brand Story

 Becoming a champion is a challenge.  The journey to obtain this treasured title requires unwavering focus, discipline and hard work.  Designer Zhanna Kens has a fond appreciation for this testament.  Born in the Far East of Russia in the small city of Magadan, she has persevered through endless obstacles of uncertainty and hardship to become a custodian of championships and crowns for competition figure skaters, Latin and ballroom dancers and also pageant contestants alike.

Why Invest in a Custom Zhanna Kens Costume?

A Zhanna Kens custom dress plays a specific role in the championship process.  When a dance dress is married to the body of the performer to complement a performance, the most meticulous of maneuvers can be executed with precision, clarity and confidence.  The common competitor prepares for praise, our clients prepare for excellence.  Not only are you buying a one of a kind creation, Zhanna Kens personally talks with you and finds out what you like, what you will dance to and consults with you on different ways to compliment your unique body structure, skin tone and hair color.  Unlike our competitors, Zhanna Kens designs and creates costumes in a peaceful environment and does not allow others to contribute towards the final product. This guarantees and supports our philosophy that good energy must be placed into ever part of any creation.  Competitors will pay less attention to you and your costume will be sent around an entire warehouse with many different seamstresses and hands and different energies.  In other words, compared to our competitors, Zhanna Kens designs are completely organic and created with love. 

The Fabrics

Mrs. Kens uses only the finest stretch and drape fabrics, as well as satin, chiffon, organza, lace, velvet, fringe and numerous exotic fabrics to create her original designs.  The Designs are for you so your input and your image is everything to this process.  Zhanna Kens is a master of designing to compliment your own unique body shape and your own unique hair and skin tones. 

The Glitz and Glamour

Zhanna only uses Swarovski crystals.  Don’t let other designers fool you.  The last thing you want to fall short on your budget is the quality of the crystal.  You might think that if it sparkles, it works.  Mrs. Kens knows from experience how important quality is.  Mrs. Kens has tried Preciosa crystals and many others and the problem with them is that they will not stick for very long.  This problem is not easily solvable.  The backing on cheap crystals will stick to the dress like a cheap circular shiney sticker, and that is unacceptable for serious competitions.  Swarovski crystals have a backing that is top of the line even with the wear and tear of your world class performance, the traveling and the ZK method of proper care and handeling.  Quality is our focus, not quantity.  It is very important to hand wash your costume and Zhanna Kens has her trade secrets that prevent water and wear and tear to damage the stronghold from the crystal to the outfit.  Most of her competitors would pay a lot of money to learn the secret.


It is very important to some professional athletes to add extra bling to the costume.  Mrs. Kens offers a multitude of suggestions to fit every different personality.  After 30 years of experience, Zhanna Kens will educate you on the entire process about matching bracelets, necklaces, and numerous appliqués to set your dress far apart from the competition. 

Are You Ready for a Zhanna Kens Design?

For many years, Zhanna has passionately created a Style that is uniquely her own and those who love to compete, love her brilliance.  The luxury and quality are inspiring to even the most dedicated athletes.  If you are looking for that hidden Gem that cannot and will not be produced for the masses, do not pass this opportunity to experience the comfort and precise fitting that will move with you all the way to Victory.

Who Does Zhanna Kens Design For?

Zhanna Kens is designing Couture custom made Ballroom and Latin dance dresses for standard, smooth and rhythm, chacha, rumba, tango dance competitions, luxurious and unique figure skating costumes for serious champion competitors and original couture evening gowns that are tailored specifically to each client.  Her couture talent costumes were seen on Miss America Pageant multiple times.  Mrs. Kens has created for International figure skating champions and ballroom dancers alike.  Her designs are inspiring and elegantly hand-crafted designs that will transform you into the belle of the ball.