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We know that every competitive skater has her/his own individual style. Our goal is to provide excellence in exceptional custom made ice skating dress designs to set you apart. Activate your destiny and make an unforgettable impression in cutting edge custom made competition ice skating dresses. 
Every ice skating dress is unique and will make you shine! Custom figure skating costumes and custom made ice skating dresses are original and luxurious creations, designed with total freedom in movement and total comfort. Costumes that You Must Have for your Victory!
Dear Zhanna,
This dress you created for my senior pairs long is not only one of my favorites, but also, international coaches and judges highly complemented this dress with how amazingly beautiful and strong it really is! When I skate to the powerful and dramatic music of Spartacus, this dress helps me play the role of the gorgious, confident, and suductive Roman Princess! I am always honored to wear your incredible dresses, but this one in particular has a charm that is mesmerizing! God has blessed me with all the luxurious dresses you have made me!

Love Always,
Caydee Denney

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